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Due to the different purposes of the experiment, the reaction device and reaction equipment need to be customized according to the different process requirements of customers. For example:
  • Fully transparent reactor
    Transparent reactor

    The transparent reaction kettle can be customized according to needs, which can intuitively participate in the reaction process. Observe viscosity, color change and delamination.

  • Fixed bed reactor
    Fixed bed reaction device

    The reaction bed is customized according to customer needs. Continuous automatic feeding, real-time monitoring of flow, temperature, pressure and other data. It can be controlled by touch screen or computer. All data can be stored and recorded and form a historical curve.

  • PVC reaction unit
    PVC reaction device

    This set of device is used for PVC pilot reaction.

    Design temperature: 100 ℃; Design pressure 2MPa

  • Catalytic wet oxidation unit
    Catalytic wet oxidation device

    The device is mainly used for sewage treatment. One liquid feed and one gas feed. All need to be measured.

    The design temperature of the whole unit is 300 ℃, and the design pressure is 10MPa

  • Water treatment reaction
    Water treatment reaction device

    The device is used for sewage treatment. The whole device has the functions of photocatalysis, ultrasonic and so on. The whole set adopts continuous circulation structure.

  • Nylon reactor
    Nylon reactor

    Nylon reaction kettle can be customized according to customers' needs. The kettle body and kettle cover can be raised and lowered automatically and equipped with high-temperature discharge function. It can be equipped with water tank, pelletizer, etc.

  • Esterification
    Esterification polycondensation reactor

    The esterification polycondensation reactor is customized according to customer requirements. Such as high vacuum, high temperature discharge, monitoring torque, current change, etc.