Automatic reaction kettle
The automatic lifting reactor adopts frame design, which is easy to operate, intelligent control and can expand a variety of functions. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, pharmacy, materials, metallurgy and other fields. Such as catalytic reaction, polymerization, supercritical reaction, high temperature and high pressure synthesis, hydrogenation, etc.
Product features

1、The kettle cover is fixed, and the external pipeline of the kettle cover does not need to be disassembled every time, so as to avoid the tedious disassembly and assembly

2、The framework can be combined freely, with enough space to expand other functional modules

3、PLC + touch screen or computer control. Control logic and control points can be customized and developed

Main technical features
Case picture


Volume: 1L

Structure: three-layer jacket structure, oil bath heating, and the outer layer is thermal insulation layer,
Temperature: - 20-200 ℃,


Volume: 2L

Structure: the kettle body is fully transparent and visible,
Supporting functions: 1. Isobaric feeding, 2. Vacuum distillation