Micro reactor
The micro reactor adopts desktop design, and the main reactor and heating control unit can be easily separated, which is convenient for kettle body cleaning, cooling and reclaiming. The main features of the equipment are compact structure, convenient operation and exquisite appearance. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, rubber, pharmacy, materials, metallurgy and other fields. Such as catalytic reaction, polymerization, supercritical reaction, high temperature and high pressure synthesis, hydrogenation, etc
classification rule
The micro reactor is divided into three series according to its structure
F series flange reactor / K series quick opening reactor / Y Series one key quick opening reactor
  • 法兰.png
    F series flange reactor
    Upper and lower flanges, bolt and nut fastening structure
    Working condition:300℃&10MPa(Customizable)
  • 快开.png
    K series fast opening reactor
    Semi open loop design, easy disassembly
    Working condition:300℃&10MPa(Customizable)
  • 一键快开.png
    Y Series one button quick opening reactor
    One twist is enough for easy operation
    Working condition:250℃&10MPa(Customizable)
Micro reactors are divided into HT type and Zn type according to different control modes。

The common model named with HT prefix is LCD display and key operation. This model is named with HT prefix

Functional features:Display external temperature, kettle temperature, rotating speed and reaction time; Set the target temperature, upper limit of external temperature, mixing speed, reaction time and alarm temperature difference; Overtemperature automatic power-off protection.


Name the smart model with Zn prefix as the touch screen operation

Functional features:It has all the functions of ordinary models. Expand multi-channel communication interface, which can be connected to pressure sensor, gas mass flow controller, feed pump, solenoid valve, etc. All data can be recorded and exported through USB port.

According to different stirring forms, micro reactors can be divided into magnon stirring and mechanical stirring

Magneton stirring

The reactor is placed with high temperature resistant and strong magnetic Teflon agitator, and the external magnet at the bottom of the boiler drives the agitator to be used in the small volume reactor


Mechanical stirring

The mixing paddle is in direct contact with the material to mix more fully. The sealing form adopts magnetic coupling sealing. Various paddle types are available. It is suitable for high viscosity and large volume reactor

Naming rules

Model example

1Represents a reactor made of special materials. The standard is stainless steel, and t indicates titanium; C represents Hastelloy; M represents Monel alloy; I is Inconel; Z represents zirconium material.

2C indicates magneton stirring, and there are C \ J for selection. J means mechanical mixing

3Represents the three f \ K \ Y Series divided by structure

4Indicates the effective volume of the reactor. The basic models are10、25、50、100、250、500、1000、2000ml

5HT It represents the ordinary model for key operation, and Zn represents the intelligent model for touch screen operation

The configuration components of the standard reactor take zn-250yj as an example as follows:

Basic parameter configuration table
F series K series Y series
structural style Upper and lower flanges, bolt and nut fastening structure Semi open loop quick opening structure One key quick opening structure
Full volume 10/25/50/100/250/500/1000/2000ml 50/100/250/500ml 50/100/250/500ml
Mechanical mixing is applicable to the volume of 100ml and above
Operating conditions (maximum) 300℃&10Mpa,Customizable high temperature and high pressure 300℃&10Mpa 200℃&10Mpa
texture of material Standard 316L, customized Hastelloy / Monel / Inconel / titanium / zirconium and other special materials
Valve nozzle 1 / 4 "inlet valve, 1 / 4" exhaust valve, thermocouple, pressure gauge, safety valve, mixing (mechanical mixing) and spare port respectively
Sealing material Graphite metal sealing ring Modified polytetrafluoroethylene Imported perfluoroether
Mixing form C-type magnetic stirring, J-type mechanical stirring. Maximum speed: 1000rpm
Heating mode

Integrated pouring electric heating furnace with heating power of 600-1500w. Non standard customized jacket external circulation heating

control mode HT LCD display, key operation; Zn touch screen display operation with data storage and record export
Overall dimension Min:305*280*465mm  Max:370*360*700mm
Power Supply AC220V  50Hz
Optional function Process feed, built-in cooling coil, process sampling, condensation reflux or recovery, etc